Apartments of the Future in Touch With the Past
Restoration of the Significant Schön Residence
The architecturally significant multifunctional Schön building is currently being thoroughly renovated in order to preserve the uniqueness and style of this important Functionalist residence from the first half of the 20th century. Located on Obchodná Street, it offers the possibility of living in the center of Bratislava with a great potential for the future. Obchodná Street is being completely revitalized and, once finished, will have an exciting, new urban atmosphere. The Schön Residence, situated at the top end of Obchodná Street close to Hurbanovo Square, presents a unique opportunity to purchase an apartment that combines modern 21st century comforts with preserved original elements designed by the renowned Slovak architect Friedrich Weinwurm. The building will retain its multifunctional character—the first two floors will consist of retail and office space, while the remaining floors will be taken up by spacious one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The basement of the building will be turned into a parking garage for residents.
Functionalism in the
Center of Bratislava

The Schön Residence offers exceptional apartments in the center of Bratislava. Showcasing clean lines and drenched in sunlight, the units, though fully reconstructed, have retained their original style. French windows, high ceilings, and practical layouts ensure modern comfortable living. The building's 3rd to 5th floors are divided into one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments with floor areas ranging from 43 sq. m. to 139 sq. m. Acoustically insulated Aluprof aluminum windows block out any sound coming from lively Obchodná Street. All of the units are equipped to a standard that includes underfloor heating, a preparation for air-conditioning, a video entry phone, Sherlock security entrance doors, and can be completed according to the tastes and wishes of their new owners. All of the balconies and terraces face a landscaped Old Town courtyard and each apartment also comes with a cellar storage unit on the first floor. All of this makes it a truly unique opportunity to live at a prestigious address in the center of Bratislava.
Project Developer
The Schön Residence is being realized by the Murman property development company, which is interested in improving Bratislava's public spaces. The company specializes in reconstructing Functionalist buildings, while adhering to the principle of "respecting the original appearance of the property." It also closely collaborates with the Bratislava Municipal Authority and has successfully renovated the Dunajská 1 Functionalist building.
A Word From
the Architect
"This project has been an exceptional one for me from the very beginning due to the building's history and the challenge of creating quality functional space in an iconic building for a discerning investor who understands architecture. The interior has a simple design with Functionalist elements and an emphasis on the smallest details. The logical and functional layouts, completed with minimalist furniture and with the use of quality materials, needed no unnecessary decorative accents since the panoramic views of Old Town Bratislava are a more than adequate replacement."
Norbert Konrád,
Identity Architecture
A Highlight of Slovak Purism

The residential and commercial building that bears the address Obchodná 4 was built in 1934. It was commissioned by the Siegfried & Max Schön company, after which it is named. It functioned as a multi-use building: a department store on the first two floors, offices on the third floor, and the remaining floors consisted of one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments. The building was designed by Friedrich Weinwurm and Ignác Vécsei, an influential duo of architects, whose motto was functional living for all. Weinwurm designed several revolutionary buildings in Slovakia during the interwar period. Besides the multifunctional Schön building, he was the author of the Nová doba and Unitas apartment buildings and the Vila L residence in Bratislava. His work reflects his philosophy of simplicity and clean lines without unnecessary embellishments with a maximum emphasis on functionality.
Previously called Schöndorfská or Uhorská, Obchodná Street is one of Bratislava's oldest roads. Traders and craftsmen established businesses there during the interwar period, making it the commercial and retail street that it is today.

An Address With
a Unique Potential

Previously called Schöndorfská or Uhorská, Obchodná Street has been one of the most important and busiest roads in Bratislava's Old Town since the 18th century. During the interwar period, traders and craftsmen established businesses there and made it the commercial and retail street that it is today. Across its entire length, it is lined with buildings full of commercial and office space, services, cafes, and restaurants—the epicenter of business and culture in Bratislava with a full spectrum of urban amenities within walking distance. The street was completely revamped in 2006 and the city is currently continuing in its revitalization. Stretching from Hurbanovo Square to Kollárovo Square and boasting a wide range of architectural styles from the Late Middle Ages to the 21st century, Obchodná is one of the most distinctive streets in Old Town.
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